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What is an Energy Audit?

A commercial building’s energy use can be a large operating expense. Typically, one-third of operating expenses is comprised of energy consumption like heating and cooling bills. That is why it is so important to have an energy audit conducted at your commercial building. If your commercial building becomes more energy efficient, you will reap the benefits of reduced operating expenses and an increase in profits and property asset values. A commercial building energy audit evaluates how efficiently your building

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How Outdoor Lighting Can Be Beneficial To Your Home

Installing outdoor lighting on your home is more than just a way to add curb appeal. It can also increase the safety of your home. With summer approaching in a couple of months, it might be time to consider getting some outdoor lighting for your Connecticut home Here are four benefits you can enjoy with outdoor lighting in New England: Appearance: We all want our home to look nice, and we tend to focus a lot of our attention on

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Electrical Safety Tips For Inside Your Home

Test Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Detectors – An easy way to remember when you need to test your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors is that they should be tested and batteries replaced with each change of the seasons. Right-Size Your Bulbs – Lighting fixtures are rated for specific bulb wattages, and exceeding that wattage requirement can cause an overload on your wiring, just as an underpowered bulb can cause stress to the system. Unplug Battery Chargers – Did you know that your battery

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Does Your Home Need Rewiring?

In order to keep your home’s electrical system healthy, you should get regular rewiring work done. Rewiring involves removing your home’s wires and replacing them with new wires. But the big question is how do you know when it’s time to make the switch? Here are some things to look out for. Frequently broken fuses or tripped breakers: Fuses and circuit breakers are one of your home’s defenses when it comes to electrical fires. When your system isn't able to

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Ways To Avoid a Blackout This Summer

Reduce Energy Consumption  The reason a lot of residential blackouts occur during summer is the increased energy usage. The extra power used to keep homes cool often overwhelms the system in your area and causes the power to fail. You can reduce your energy consumption in your home or workplace by doing the following: Switch off any tools/equipment/appliances that aren’t in use. Turn them off at the wall or unplug them to make sure no extra energy is spent on

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Interior Electrical Safety Tips

Unplug Battery Chargers – Did you know that your battery chargers continue to pull a trickle of electricity through the wires even if you’re not actively charging your electronics? Unplugging them from the wall completely offers one less opportunity for a fire to start–plus saves money on your next energy bill! Use a GCFI – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (or GCFIs) are commonly used in outlets, and can immediately shut off electric power to reduce the risk of electric shock or fires.

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