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Does Your Home Need Outdoor Landscape Lighting?

If you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, outdoor landscape lighting is a great way to do it.  Not only will it up the value of your home and make it more inviting and welcoming, but it’ll also help deter burglars and add an extra layer of security. Outdoor landscape lighting can also be used to highlight certain features on your property that you want to show off, such as a beautiful garden, sculptures or water feature.

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Extension Cord Do’s & Don’ts

Nowadays you can find electronics in just about every room in the house. Things like Amazon Alexa's, TVs, computers, lamps, game consoles, and kitchen appliances are pretty common in households. This can become a problem if you don't have enough outlets in an area. So extension cords have become a necessary accessory around the home. Extension cords are great at getting us into those hard to reach places. Equally useful when we need to access some power for a job

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Do You Need an Electrician When Renovating?

Renovating a home can be an exciting project, especially when you get inspiration from places like Pinterest, HGTV, and even Tik Tok.  While enthusiasm is needed for a renovation there are certain tasks that are bigger than you DIY capabilities. Making cosmetic changes to a property doesn’t usually require electrical work, but larger jobs and those requiring an upgrade in electricity available and accessible points will definitely require the services of your trusted local electrician.  It is important for your

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Avoid These Christmas Light Mistakes

Christmas Light Don’ts: Don’t buy non-compliant Christmas lights Don’t buy any lights that are non-compliant to US standards. Nowadays you can buy just about everything online, so don't just get cheap lights from anywhere. Cheap lights can be dangerous as electricity kills indiscriminately. You don’t want to risk it. So double check that the lights you are buying are compliant with US electrical standards. Don’t repair old faulty Christmas lights Do not attempt any repairs of old faulty Christmas lights. While

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Is Your Space Heater A Fire Hazard?

Space heaters tend to be dangerous not because there is a manufacturer fault or prolonged use, but because they are simply used in the wrong way. So, why are space heaters a fire hazard? Many people don’t know this, but portable electric heaters cannot be used with extension leads and power boards – they need to be plugged directly into the wall outlet. Space heaters can become an electrical hazard through misuse. By plugging your heater into a power board or extension

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Can Your Solar Exterior Lights Survive the Winter?

Outdoor lighting can be a great addition to your home and one of the best ways to produce a look in your back or front yard. If you have a driveway, patio, or deck that needs lighting, you should think about solar lights. They are an easy and affordable way to add lights around your yard. If you live somewhere with a cold winter, you may be wondering if you can leave your solar lights outside, and that’s a good

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