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Breaker Panel Troubleshooting

When a breaker panel trips, it always seems to happen at the worst time and is extremely frustrating! Circuit breakers are designed to trip when too much electricity is being sent through the breaker. When a breaker panel trips, it turns off power because of an electrical current overload, thus protecting your home’s electrical system. There are a few simple methods to follow to troubleshoot problems with your circuit breakers in your breaker box. The best place to start when

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Winter Tips From Your Local Electrician

The holiday lights will soon be lit, your heating system will be going on full blast, and an electric blanket will be warming your bed at night. Home electrical systems have a heavy load during the winter season in New England. Below are a few of the most common electrical problems during wintertime and what you can do to solve them. Problem #1: Not Enough Power After the temperature drops, your heating system works every day to keep your

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What Makes A Good Industrial and Commercial Electrician?

The jobs conducted by Santor Electrical Contractors industrial and commercial electricians range from testing and maintaining current electrical equipment to understanding new technologies, such as bluetooth and wireless systems and other newly developed equipment. So, what are the qualities of an excellent commercial or industrial electrician? • Most importantly, an electrician working on projects in industrial and commercial sites is always well educated and studies to increase his or her skill set in specialized electrical machinery and commercial equipment.

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How An Energy Audit Can Improve Your Business

A commercial building’s energy use can be a large operating expense. Typically, one-third of operating expenses is comprised of energy consumption like heating and cooling bills. That is why it is so important to have an energy audit conducted at your commercial building. If your commercial building becomes more energy efficient, you will reap the benefits of reduced operating expenses and an increase in profits and property asset values.A commercial building energy audit evaluates how efficiently your building is using

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Improving Your Lighting In Your Office or Commercial Building Could Boost Employee Performance

Many people don't realize the effect that light has on us, but the truth is that humans are very sensitive to light. It is light and dark that determines our Circadian rhythms, and sets our body clock. That explains why having quality lighting in your office or commercial building is proven to affect productivity. Having good furniture, be that comfortable chairs or highly functional desks, can also be condusive to a more productive environment; if your office is sorely

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Choosing The Right Light Bulb For Your Home, Office Or Commercial Building

Choosing The Right Light Bulb For Your Home, Office Or Commercial Building There have been many improvements in electric lighting since Thomas Edison invented the first commercially viable electric lightbulb in 1879. He probably had no idea there would be so many variations of his invention years later. However there are hundreds of different types of lightbulbs on the market today, just as there are thousands of options for lighting styles. Whether you have barn style lighting or a

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