Ever picked up your charger cord and realized your cat or dog has decided to chew through it? Unfortunately pets have a habit of chewing on things around the home. If you have ever had a puppy then you know that no items are safe when left with them. When they chew on something like your shoes that can be an opportunity to get some new kicks, but when they chew on electrical cords it becomes a safety matter. This kind of behavior can not only damage power cords and high-end electronics, but it can also be a hazard for the pet itself. Electrocution or a shock can traumatize and hurt the animal and potentially leave long-term consequences, such as pulmonary edemas.

Here are a few tips that can stop your pet from chewing on electrical cords:

  • Don’t let the cords dangle: Dogs might enjoy a dangling cord now and then, cats can’t resist them. In fact, they’ll play with almost anything that dangles. If there are electrical cords at home that aren’t secured against the wall or furniture, they’re easy targets for most pets. Purchase some cord clips to secure loose electrical cords and prevent them from dangling. It’ll be less attractive to your pet that way.
  • Hide Electrical Cords (if possible): One of the first preventative steps is hiding the electrical cords. If they aren’t in plain sight, they’re less likely to be chewed. Reroute those cords behind the TV or a large piece of furniture to make it difficult for a pet to get to them.
  • Unplug Devices: For the safety of the pet, consider unplugging all unused electrical devices. Although that might not prevent the pet from chewing on the cord, at least there’s no risk of electrocution.
  • Minimize Cords: Consider removing power cords that are not in use. Element the opportunity for them to chew on something.
  • Train The Pet: training the pet is crucial. Dogs are generally easier to train, but cats can learn as well. Commands such as “Leave” or “Don’t do that” could help.
  • Playtime: Some pets chew on electrical cords because they’re bored. Make sure to play with the pet regularly and leave some squishy or chew toys around the house. When there are other things to occupy your pets, they’re less likely to get into trouble and play with cords.
  • Spray the cords: One trick is to coat power cords with vinegar or chili paste. The smell of vinegar repels most pets. And as for the chili paste, a pet may have to taste it once to learn the lesson. But if these hacks don’t work, commercial deterrent sprays may work better, which one can purchase at almost all well-equipped pet stores. Remember to unplug the cords before using a spray!

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