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Any homeowners knows that cutting down the cost of utilities can be a challenge. Add in any day to day home maintenance and the costs start to add up. Emergencies happen at any time, and appliances won’t last forever. Luckily there are tips and tricks that can help you save money as well as keep your home in tip top shape.
Most homeowners aren’t aware that your lighting choices can be a quick way to cut down on those costs. A good choice is to make the switch to dimmers. Dimmers can not only help make your home energy efficient but also customizable.

Dimmers Can Help Your Home:

So the quality of lighting can increase your home’s value and comfort tremendously. By installing dimmers you are able to add a variety of different lighting settings to your home. This will not only save money but will add some ambiance to your home. Dimmers allow you to find the right lighting for your space. Whether you are someone who likes the room bright or more dim, then dimmers can be a benefit to you.

  • Saves You Money – Dimmers help consume considerably less energy when you dim the lights. When you flip on or off a traditional light switch there are only 2 options- 100% on or 100% off. This means that you are either using 0% energy or 100% energy. By switching to a dimmer switch you are given full control of how much energy you want to use in a light switch. The ability to adjust the amount of energy from the light switch will decrease your utility bills.
  • Light Bulbs Last Longer – On top of consuming less energy, a home with dimmers means you won’t have to replace your light bulbs as often. Because less light is being used, the light bulbs last longer. You will also save on lightbulbs over time. While light bulbs aren’t the most expensive home maintenance purchase, saving is still saving.
  • Customizable & Ambient Lighting – Besides saving money, on of the best perks to having dimmer lights is the flexibility. Installing dimmers you are allows you to adjust the light fixtures to your liking. This might be different for each room of the house. You might keep the lights brighter in the kitchen or office, but dimmer in the living room or bedroom.  Dimmers can also be programmed so they change at certain times or are controlled with an app (this is dependent on what kind you get).

What You Need to Know About Dimmers

Dimmers come in a variety of switches and can add different effects to each room. While you might try and install a dimmer switch on your own, your lighting is complicated, and best left to a licensed electrician to install like your team at Santor. Here are some important factors to consider before you officially make the switch to dimmers.

  • Type Of Switch – There are different options for the type of switch you can use to adjust the lighting.
    An integrated switch:  this allows you to create multiple lighting presets for one room and is controlled either by a button in the wall or a wireless controller. Within an integrated switch you can look into a touch dimmer switch that is controlled with a simple tap of your finger and some can even switch back to a prior light setting.
    Manual switches, are a little less sophisticated. These adjust with a slider or a rotary switch, and allows you to manually adjust the lighting.
  • Type Of Dimmer – You can also decide how complex you want your lighting control setup to be. A single pole dimmer controls the dimming and lighting for all your home’s light fixtures. Three-way or four-way dimmers are used for light fixtures to be controlled by one dimmer switch with additional on and off switches. Multi-location dimmers enable you to use multiple dimmer switches to control multiple dimmers.
  • Lighting Needs Of Each Room – Dimmers offer you a variety lighting options for each room. Dimmers allow you to turn down the lights first thing in the morning for your light sensitive eyes. They are especially best for bedrooms as the dimmed light is nice before bed verses a harsh bright light. Even outdoor lighting benefit from a dimmer switch, especially when you need a little extra light in the evenings.

Your Home Deserves Better Lighting

Saving money is tough, especially when it’s time to pay the utility bill, but installing dimmers is one helpful trick that benefits homeowners. Dimmers add a nice variety of lighting for decoration and ambiance for comfort and help cut down on utility costs.

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