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4 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

In order to keep your home’s electrical system healthy, you should get regular rewiring work done. Rewiring involves removing your home’s wires and replacing them with new wires. But the big question is how do you know when it’s time to make the switch? Here are some things to look out for. Frequently broken fuses


Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Fuse Box

When your home has a proper working electrical panel, the home is in excellent shape. Your home’s electrical service panel contains a series of circuit breakers and fuses that control all the electrical components in your home. Much like other appliances in your home, even your electrical system can malfunction. Here are some signs to


Dangers Associated with Electricity

Electricity is can be a hidden danger because it’s not something that you physically see. You see the outcome of electricity, but you don’t technically see the power flowing through the wires inside your walls. Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore the need for electrical safety and frequent reviews of your systems and then it’s too late.


Indoor Electrical Safety Tips

Test Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Detectors – An easy way to remember when you need to test your carbon dioxide and smoke detectors is that they should be tested and batteries replaced with each change of the seasons. Right-Size Your Bulbs – Lighting fixtures are rated for specific bulb wattages, and exceeding that wattage requirement can cause


Top Reasons to Install Lighting on Your Home Dock

Whether you’re at the marina or on your own personal property, you should be sure to install deck lighting. Having proper deck lighting can not only make it easy to spot your destination from a distance, but it can also help you stay safe while you’re out on the water. It can also make your home


Improve Your Marina’s Safety with Better Lighting

Staying safe around anybody of water is very important. Especially if you are around it at night. Now the ocean can be dangerous at any time of day, which is one reason why marine lighting is so important. Proper marine LED lights will help you and guest navigate the marina. Installing proper lighting can help


Get Ready for Summer Entertaining with These Landscape Lighting Ideas

Spring is in the air, and Summer is fast approaching. The season of spending time outside is upon us. Making sure your yard is ready for those late nights entertaining and enjoying the summer nights can be important to the comfort of your home. The right lighting can set the perfect mood for your backyard


FAQ’s About Residential Generators

While the winter storm season might be winding down, there are still several reasons to get a residential generator. With hurricane season around the corner, and harsh winds and thunderstorms still happening regularly it can be vital to have a residential generator on hand. Everybody needs power these days, and a residential generator can provide


Benefits of Outdoor Lights in New England

Installing outdoor lighting on your home is more than just a way to add curb appeal. It can also increase the safety of your home. With summer approaching in a couple of months, it might be time to consider getting some outdoor lighting for your Connecticut home Here are four benefits you can enjoy with


Top Reasons to Protect Your Business with a Commercial Generator

The weather in New England is constantly changing. No matter the time of year we are suseptible to power outages and rolling blackouts. Whether it is from seasonal storms like heavy rain or snow, high winds, a random tree falling, or just a sudden power outages. We never know if we are going to lose

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